Test Address

Test your email system in 3 steps.

  • request test address
  • Send a test e-mail
  • Full report
Step 1 request test address
Step 2 send mail
Step 3 report

To complete the audit process, send a test email to the generated test address. As soon as the email is delivered, you will automatically progress to step 3.

On a perfectly configured server, all information should lead to the same host. Additionally, your IP address will be localized.
The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) checks if the selected server has permission to send from the selected domain.
An email’s header contains all pertinent information. This checks if data have been duplicated.
Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method which acts as a quality seal. This allows easy detection of spoof addresses.
Calculated from the points of the “sender” rubric. This also checks if the email address is already on a blacklist.
Envelope / Sender
Checks the email’s originator by directly searching the mail server for information.
The email address the recipient sees in their email header. In most cases this differs from the originating address.
List Unsubscribe
Is there an option for the recipient to unsubscribe from receiving the email?
Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) uncovers DKIM and SPF errors. That’s why it is mandatory that envelope/sender, from, DKIM and SPF info match.
If known, this will list the Email Service Provider used, e.g. our own, emailsocket.